Production: Cie La Mer Noire

Co-Production: Cie Art-Track

Choreography and Performance : Pierre-Claver Belleka | Alioune Sow | Khoudia Touré 
| Kirsner Tsengou Dingha
Composition : Julien Villa
Lightning Design : Thomas Nieuvarts
Coproduction : Prix Hip Hop Games concept 2016, Le Flow - City of Lille, Scène nationale Le Phénix de Valenciennes, Lézarts Urbains (Belgium), DanseKapellet, (Danemark), Diagn’Art (Senegal).

Support : International Organization of Francophonie.

The Gaou is the one who leaves his native land to discover the world. He gets lost, meets, discovers, confronts, experiences... elsewhere! It has deep roots, a language, a story. In a life made of exiles and travels, of wanderings and tribulations, he tries to apprehend worlds that everything seems to oppose.

The Gaou is the one who does not know yet, who will learn, adapt and tame. At the same time feverish and exalted by a new environment, he will make his initiatory journey. He loses his bearings and then creates others, in a universe that upsets him and attracts him.

The Gaou changes territory always in search of this comforting and omnipresent humanity. Uprooted, noisy, left, nostalgic, the Gaou makes you laugh and cry. He asks us about the displacement and the thirst for discovery. He takes us with him, confronts us with our own memory and our own image.

Who's the Gaou for us? What are we to him? Are we all Gaou?

Gaou It's him, it's them, it's us!