Voyages, Images et Corps

Traveling exhibition

Dance Residency and Performance
Senegal / Cameroon April 2016

Design: Khoudia Toure and Siaka Traore
Photography: Siaka Traore
Artistic direction of the dance part: Compagnie La Mer Noire

'' Voyages, Images et Corps '' project focuses on the power of hiphop as a driver of social change. It travels from country to country, with a flagship focus on Africa.


The project consists of a traveling photography exhibition, accompanied by a dance residency, the outcome of which is presented during an opening exhibition. The residency is accompanied by a documentary short film retracing the work and the discoveries made. The residency is followed in images by the artist Siaka Soppo Traore, who thus produces a photographic work intended to feed the exhibition.


Each exhibition is thus dynamic and unique to the host city, each time taking a look at the cultural exchanges generated during the project, and marking their uniqueness. Voyages, Images et Corps!

The Other Me

Performance – Work in progress
20 mins

Written and performed by: Pierre « Dexter » BELLEKA and Khoudia TOURE

« Who am I ? You? Me ? The other me? »
Through this performance in movement, it is on the hidden message of the mind and the exploration of self, revealed by the body, that we linger.
The communion of souls is carried by a gesture that is both strong and fragile, which breaks down the question of gender, allowing two energies to connect their feelings through language beyond thought and reflection. The body is inscribed in a history, habits, from which it draws its singularity but from which it wants to detach itself, to try the ultimate experience of freedom. "


« Who am I ? We wonder endlessly, endlessly, endlessly... »

« L’Autre moi » as a performance was received in October 2018 at the Feÿ / Rencontres d'Art (France) festival, a multidisciplinary artistic festival organized on
the occasion of the reopening of the doors of the Château du Feÿ. Born from the desire to combine the best of the contemporary scene with the richness of French heritage, the event took on the task of investing in this historic Burgundy home by inviting young talents from around the world.